NEW FOUND GLORY 'Kill It Live' CD - $10.00

This is a CD copy of New Found Glory's Kill It Live.

New Found Glory's first official live album, Kill It Live features a set recorded at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA, earlier this year. With plenty of crowd participation and sing-alongs, Kill It Live feels like a true live album while pulling songs from nearly every New Found Glory release to date.

Kill It Live also features three brand new studio tracks: "I Want to Believe", the soon-to-be-released single "Connect the Dots", and "First Bite". The band's first batch of new stuff since 2011's Radiosurgery should more than please long-time fans.

Track listing:

1. Intro (live)
2. Understatement (live)
3. Don't Let Her Pull You Down (live)
4. All Downhill From Here (live)
5. Anthem For the Unwanted (live)
6. At Least I'm Known For Something (live)
7. Sonny (live)
8. Something I Call Personality (live)
9. Boy Crazy (live)
10. Tip of the Iceberg (live)
11. Coming Home (live)
12. Forget My Name (live)
13. Sincerely Me (live)
14. Hit or Miss (live)
15. Truth Of My Youth (live)
16. The Story So Far (live)
17. My Friends Over You (live)
18. I Want to Believe
19. Connect the Dots
20. First Bite

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