SILVER SNAKES 'Pictures Of A Floating World' LP - $15.00

Produced by Steve Choi of Rx Bandits and engineered and mixed by Roger Camero of No Motiv, "Pictures Of A Floating World" is a tribute to free thinking, focusing on societal themes and individuality. It showcases glimpses of rock experimentalists At The Drive In and Quicksand, both major influences on the Snakes' sound. Includes a code for digital download of the new single "Old Light" featuring two brand new tracks produced by Silver Snakes' vocalist/guitarist Alex Estrada.

1. New Light
2. Lungs And Lanterns
3. Echo Eyes
4. Rebuild Us
5. I Am The Flood
6. Act 1: Sevilla The Soothsayer
7. Dear Midnight
8. Constant
9. Let Down Your Anchor
10. Act 2: An Evolution In Movement

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