CANDY HEARTS 'All The Ways You Let Me Down' CD - $8.00

This is a CD copy of Candy Hearts' All The Ways You Let Me Down. Since joining Violently Happy Records, Candy Hearts have polished and developed their '90s-influenced pop-punk/rock sound to boast shinier hooks and crunchier guitars while retaining the playfully heartbroken and otherwise fun demeanor of their early material. Their first full-length in nearly three years, All The Ways You Let Me Down features 11 songs produced by New Found Glory's Chad Gilbert and expectedly bouncy hooks aplenty. ***NOTE: This digital download includes 192 kbps MP3s. Audiophiles: If you would like a wider range of sound quality options, check out this release on our Bandcamp.*** Track listing: 1. I Miss You 2. The Dream's Not Dead 3. The One To Get Me Out 4. All The Ways You Let Me Down 5. Michigan 6. Coffee With My Friends 7. Fool's Gold 8. Something's Missing 9. Brooklyn Bridge 10. Playing With Fire 11. Top Of Our Lungs

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