DEFEATER Travels CD - $10

Defeater has launched out of the north shore of Massachusetts with their debut album Travels.

Defeater has a wide array of influences and at first listen, you\'ll hear tracks reminiscent of Botch and Deadguy mixed with traditional hardcore. Ethically influenced by bands like Fugazi and musically by Minor Threat and Modern Life Is War Defeater is no copycat band. Jay said, \"We have been careful to know where we are going before we start driving there. It\'s important to us to flesh out mood and place instead of just blindly sitting down with my guitar hashing out riffs.\" He continues to say, \"I wanted to make a record that you could get into even if for some reason you don\'t care about the meaning behind the lyrics, but at the same time I wanted to make sure the listener to at least knows that there is more going on lyrically
than a bunch of non-interconnected thoughts and emotions.\" This release features the full album download with the lyrics.

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