Agnostic Front 'Live At CBGB' Half Black / Half Red LP - $13.00

Agnostic Front Live At CBGB Half Black / Half Red LP

Agnostic Front's Live at CBGB was originally released in 1989 on Relativity Records, showcasing a ferocious 1988 live set from the NYHC stalwarts at the classic venue. Songs among the setlist ranged from 1983's United Blood EP through 1987's Liberty and Justice for.... This vinyl reissue brings the album back to life with an embossed jacket and color variants matching the iconic cover. Join AF in celebrating their 30th anniversary!

1. "Victim in Pain"
2. "Public Assistance"
3. "United Blood"
4. "Friend or Foe"
5. "Strength"
6. "Blind Justice"
7. "Last Warning"
8. "Toxic Shock"
9. "United and Strong"
10. "Crucified"
11. "Liberty and Justice"
12. "Discriminate Me"
13. "Your Mistake"
14. "Anthem"
15. "With Time"
16. "Genesis"
17. "The Pain Song"
18. "Fascist Attitudes"
19. "The Eliminator"

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