IRON CHIC 'Spooky Action' 7 inch (Black/500) - $5.00

Iron Chic's Spooky Action 7" on black vinyl, limited to 500 copies.

The newest EP by grizzled Long Island punks Iron Chic displays a sort of growth one might not expect from a quintet of time-fearing, sparsely-to-heavily bearded gentlemen. The band's first batch of material since a couple of Europe-only EPs in 2011, Spooky Action features two exponentially excellent originals and Butthole Surfers and Ramones covers.

Track listing:
1. Spooky Action at a Distance
2. Less Rest for the Restless
3. Goofy's Concern [Butthole Surfers cover]*
4. Bonzo Goes to Bitburg [Ramones cover]

* - digital-only; not on 7"

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