PANIC 'Strength In Solitude' LP (White/300) - $13.00

This is an LP copy of Panic's Strength in Solitude on white vinyl, limited to 300 copies.

Bridge Nine marks the 10-year anniversary of Panic's Strength in Solitude collection with this expanded reissue that now acts as a true discography for the Boston hardcore act, who featured members of American Nightmare, the Explosion, In My Eyes, and the Trouble. Strength in Solitude now includes both Bridge 9 EPs—2001's Dying for It and 2002's self-titled—as well as 2006's Circles EP, their original demo, and a live track.

You can stream this release (save for the Circles tracks) for free over at our Bandcamp.

Track listing:
Side A:

Dying for It (2001)

1. Written in Stone
2. Strength in Solitude
3. I Watch You Sleep
4. Lighthouse
5. Force It 'Til You Hear It Snap
6. I Walk The Same Way Home Every Night
7. My Favorite Mistake Was You

Panic (2002)

8. Turn Cold
9. Into The Reasons
10. Our Choice Is Made
11. Pale
12. Fall On Proverb (Unbroken cover)

Side B:

Circles (2006)

1. Rise
2. Ramparts
3. Shadow Park
4. Hello Young Lions
5. Involvers
6. Wolves Circle Wolves

Demo Cassette (2001)

7. Face Myself (Demo)
8. Distance (Demo)
9. I Walk The Same Way Home Every Night (Demo)


10. Think Ahead (Live)

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