MENTAL 'Get An Oxygen Tank!' LP (Half Red / Half Yellow/700) - $13.00

This is an LP copy of Mental's Get an Oxygen Tank! on half-red/half-yellow vinyl, limited to 700 copies.

Bridge Nine marks the 10-year anniversary of Mental's Get an Oxygen Tank! EP with this version that expands the 7" to a 12" with a live set on WERS from 2004. The NY-influenced Boston hardcore band's B9 EP is best described as "aggressive and immature and fun" and "sounding kind of like if Judge had a super high-speed train-wreck with Supertouch. It put a little more fun into the otherwise sad and/or serious hardcore scene that existed at the time" (

You can stream the Get an Oxygen Tank! tracks over at our Bandcamp.

Track listing:
Side A: Get an Oxygen Tank! (2003)

1. History 101
2. Break A Sweat
3. Growing Pains
4. Get An Oxygen Tank
5. Chiller Than Most (Still Mental)
6. Respect

Side B: Live on WERS

1. Sucker Punched
2. Intro
3. History 101
4. Mental
5. Sike
6. Break A Sweat
7. G.A.O.T. / Chiller Than Most
8. Respect
9. And You Know This

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