TEST OF TIME 'The Price' 7inch (Blue w/ Smoke/300) - $5.00

This is a copy of Test of Time's The Price 7", on blue w/ smoke vinyl (limited to 300 copies), housed in a five-panel, die-cut jacket on uncoated stock. Test of Time is a new collective made up of current and ex-members of bands like the Effort, No Harm Done, Make or Break, Offsides and Choke Up, and fronted by noted scene photographer Todd Pollock. Their B9 debut and followup to their 2012 demo, Inclusion, is an aggressive onslaught of thoughtful and melodic youth crew hardcore likely to please fans of Youth of Today, Turning Point and In My Eyes. Track listing: 1. Inspired Youth 2. Riptide 3. Aperture 4. Matter of Taste 5. Bait and Switch 6. In Spite of Youth

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