SILVER SNAKES / SOUVENIRS 'Winter Songs' Split 7 inch - $6.00

The art of the split release has all but been lost in recent years, or so it seems. Leave it to Silver Snakes and Souvenirs, both bands that harken back to the great music of the '90s in their own ways, to revitalize the craft of the split so widely loved in that decade. 6131 Records will release the "Winter Songs" split from Silver Snakes and Souvenirs, recalling the great, perfectly paired releases from the likes of Texas Is The Reason and The Promise Ring, The Get Up Kids and Braid, and At The Drive-In and Burning Airlines, to name a few. 7" includes digital download.

1. Silver Snakes - Avia
2. Silver Snakes - Secare
3. Souvenirs - Dressed Up In September
4. Souvenirs - Dead Weight

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