R.A. 'Collateral Damage' LP (Half Black / Half Oxblood/350) - $13.00

This is an LP version of R.A.'s Collateral Damage on half black/half oxblood vinyl, limited to 350 copies.

The first full-length by Merrimack Valley hardcore act R.A., Collateral Damage is a pummeling debut that traces a beloved lineage of hardcore acts like No Warning and Madball, barreling through with sub-two-minute juggernauts. But it's not without its enraged analysis of man's relationship with one another, exploring the hardships of exploitation, control, misdirected belligerence and cold mistreatment.

Track listing:
1. Progression Through Aggression
2. Burning At Both Ends
3. Fence Walker
4. Black Widow [listen here]
5. Path Of Destruction
6. Collateral Damage
7. Dragging The Anchor
8. Hypocrisy Among Us
9. Higher Power
10. Against The Grain

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