CRIME IN STEREO Is Dead CD - $10.00

Crime In Stereo has returned with their third full-length album Crime In Stereo Is Dead. Crime In Stereo Is Dead is unlike any record the band or Bridge Nine Records have ever released. It’s a punk record, it’s a hardcore record, and it’s an intricately written album start to finish-but it doesn’t really fit into the “melodic hardcore” or “punk” category without having to further qualify the description. Produced by longtime collaborator Mike Sapone.

"an absolutely haunting and incredible landmark effort-4.5 stars"-Alternative Press

"This is a record that's inspirational. It's a completely different entity from their previous records. Call those the naivety of youth or a band desperate to find their sound, call it what you will. But this is the real deal. It's a record that's so strong it takes a lot of listens to really get it."-Punktastic

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