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Triple Threat 'Into The Darkness' b9r076

Thirteen songs of punk influenced hardcore, paying homage to later Black Flag and the SST catalog. Featuring former members of Mouthpiece and Hands Tied.

"Modern hardcore has been overrun with the metalcore crowd and the kids who think that screamo is hardcore. Triple Threat unleash a whupping on that and steer us clear of those clichés. Brutal pit-stompers from start to finish, Into the Darkness is a healthy reminder of times past." - Editor's Pick

Track Listing

  1. Obliterate
  2. Something More
  3. Another Issue
  4. Man on Fire
  5. In Your Hands
  6. Easy Target
  7. Fashion Trend
  8. This War
  9. Jealousy II
  10. Time to Disconnect
  11. The Trap
  12. Break It
  13. Into the Darkness

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