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Death Before Dishonor 'Master Of None' B9R279

From the band:

"Months after 'Unfinished Business' was released the pandemic hit. Touring was paused but we knew we couldn’t lose our momentum and wait another decade in-between records. Zeuss’s production on that record was just the start of many heavy things to come. After welcoming our guitar player B-Roll back into the band, we couldn’t wait to get into the studio again. 'Master of None' is a showcase of what we consider all the best aspects of our sound. Songs to be sung in basements and festival fields all over the world. Metallic hardcore riffs mixed with UK punk anthems, but never too far outside the traditional hardcore roots from where Death Before Dishonor started over 20 years ago.

Lyrically, 'Master of None' is about breaking the shackles of mental manipulation. Most people can relate to the struggle of someone in their life wielding emotions or guilt against them. With this track, we’re taking aim at those who use these tactics to maintain control, and are providing an an outlet for anyone ready to fight back."

Track List:

1. Master Of None
2. Sonic Reducer (Dead Boys)

Produced by Zuess, art by Black Coffiend.


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