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Crime In Stereo 'Explosives and the Will to Use Them' LP BLK0229

Crime In Stereo's first album "Explosives and the Will to Use Them" turns 20 this year! To celebrate, Blackout! Records pressed the album to vinyl for the first time ever. There are 4 variants available from Blackout!, Bridge Nine, Indie Retail / Distro, and the band's own label, House of Commons. This pressing features restored artwork originally created by Ryan Patterson as well as spot varnish on the album cover. Record will be released on March 1st - pre-order now!

1. Amsterdamned!
2. Warning: Perfect Sideburns Do Not Make You Dangerous
3. Play It Loud Fuckers
4. What A Strange Turn Of Events
5. Compass And Square
6. If You Think Were Talking About You, We Are
7. Barfight On Bedford Ave
8. It Ain't All Hugs And Handshakes
9. Here's To Things Gone Wrong
10. No Gold Stars For Nationalism
11. Terribly Softly
12. Arson At 563

Pressing Information

1st Press (Silver/110) - Bridge Nine Exclusive Variant
1st Press (Clear & Black Ice Ghostly w/ White & Silver Splatter/127) - House of Commons Exclusive Variant
1st Press (Clear w/ Black, Silver, White Splatter/221) - Blackout! Exclusive Variant
1st Press (Sweetart/559) - Indie Retail

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