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Bridge Nine 'Singles Volume 2' b9r069

The second volume of Bridge Nine's 7" retrospective. This disc covers all of the vinyl-only B9 releases from 2000 - 2005 in one clean package with new artwork. First up is the Right Brigade / A Poor Excuse split, featuring Jesse Standhard (of American Nightmare, Invasion) and Mike McCarthy (For The Worse) on respective vocal duties, followed by Breaker Breaker's debut EP. Split 7"s mark the rest of the record, with CT's own Death Threat (Triple Crown Records) and San Diego's Over My Dead Body, Boston's finest R'N'R & Fit For Abuse, and tracks from Bridge Nine mainstays Outbreak, Some Kind Of Hate, and The Distance. Twenty-nine songs in all, this record serves as great introduction to modern day hardcore for some, and fills in the final cracks in the collection for others.

Track Listing

  1. Hellbent
  2. Mindless Violence
  3. Punk's Dead, Hardcore's Next
  4. Your Own Band
  5. I Blame You
  6. Useless
  7. Bargain Bin
  8. Choke on This
  9. Stolen Hearts Die
  10. The Road Ends Here
  11. As One We Stand
  12. Known All Along
  13. Best of Times
  14. Broken Backs
  15. Always and Forever
  16. No Class
  17. Breaking Smiles
  18. All I Never Wanted to Be
  19. Forget the Words
  20. Take My Advice
  21. P.S. Fuck You
  22. Understand
  23. More Than I've Got
  24. Hang Up Your Boots
  25. Movement
  26. Roommate
  27. Fill in the Blank
  28. Drunk, Poor, On the Floor
  29. Sick & Tired

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  • Incendiary Device 'Incendiary Device'
  • Slapshot 'Make America Hate Again'
  • Backtrack 'Bad To My World'
  • War On Women 'Capture The Flag'
  • Advent 'Pain & Suffering'
  • After The Fall 'Dedication'
  • Agnostic Front 'Victim in Pain'
  • Alcoa 'Bone & Marrow'
  • Alcoa 'Parlour Tricks'
  • Alpha & Omega 'No Rest, No Peace'
  • Ambitions 'Stranger'
  • Anger Regiment 'Aces and Eights'
  • Backtrack 'Lost In Life'
  • Bent Life 'Never Asked For Heaven'
  • Betrayed 'Addiction'
  • Blue Monday 'Rewritten'
  • Boysetsfire 'S/T'
  • Boysetsfire 'While A Nation Sleeps...'
  • Breathe In 'From This Day On'
  • Candy Hearts 'All The Ways You Let Me Down'
  • Candy Hearts 'The Best Ways To Disappear'
  • Carry On	'A Life Less Plagued'
  • Ceremony '6 Cover Songs'
  • Ceremony 'Rohnert Park'
  • Ceremony 'Still Nothing Moves You'
  • Champion 'Different Directions'
  • Champion 'Promises Kept'
  • Crime In Stereo 'I Was Trying...'
  • Crime In Stereo 'Is Dead'