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Shortly after releasing the Deal With The Devil 7” in 2010 Backtrack visited the infamous WNYU Crucial Chaos radio show in New York City for an interview and a live on-air performance. Now it is finally getting a proper release via Flatspot Records. Crucial Chaos has had many classic NYHC bands on air such as Breakdown, Underdog, Token Entry, etc and in 2010 Backtrack was added to that list.

Track Listing
1. Welcome To The Pound (LIVE)
2. Deal With The Devil (LIVE)
3. Drawn Back To Misery (LIVE)
4. Another Way Back (LIVE)
5. Soul Sucker (LIVE)
6. Standing On Two Feet (LIVE)
7. The Roots Of Evil (LIVE)
8. Organized Crimes (LIVE)
9. Retrace The Lines (LIVE)

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