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Bridge Nine 'Raid The Vault' Mystery Box B9RRTV001

Over the past 25 years, Bridge Nine has released a lot of records. Every time we've put out a new album or pressed a new variant, we've added a few copies to our archive. Well, the time has come to empty it! Bridge Nine has just been told that the building we've been in for the past 13 years is being sold, and we're likely facing a rent increase that won't make sense for us anymore. So, we are very likely going to need to move for the first time in a long time. To help build up our reserve to manage it so it doesn't impact our regular financial commitments, we are selling off the contents of our "Vault". Each Raid The Vault Mystery Box includes a very limited TEST PRESSING of a Bridge Nine release, and 3 additional vinyl records that are long out of print or early variants that are no longer available. All of B9's heavy hitters are represented. Take a chance, help us out & see what you get!

You can order more than one, and each Mystery Box sold enters you to win a complete Bridge Nine vinyl discography. We've pulled one copy of every single record we've ever released and boxed them up for one lucky customer! (winner to be announced on Friday, September 25th aka 9/25)

This is just one option for people to help us get through this new hurdle, we've got other ways you can help:

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