Bridge Nine Records

Roll Call 'Perpetuate' EP B9R276

New York’s Roll Call has signed with Bridge Nine Records. Guitarist Brian Kemsley (Outbreak) and drummer James Philips (Sea Haven, Final Fight) wrote 6 songs in November 2021 before recruiting bassist Cornell Ward and vocalist Chad Leddy for the recording of their EP 'Perpetuate' this past summer. Roll Call is making fresh and uncompromising New York hardcore that you don't want to miss!

The translucent blue vinyl has an exclusive screen printed reaper design on its B-side, other variants have an etched version.

Buy the 4-pack to get all variants and save 15% on your purchase!

Track Listing

  1. Reaper Inside Your Mind
  2. I Lose, You Lose
  3. Exploit Me
  4. Contemplating
  5. I Am The Truth
  6. Bleed Blue

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