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Lemuria 'Turnstile Comix 3' 7inch + Comic tsc003

B9 mailorder exclusive variant of the new Lemuria 7" for the Turnstile Comix series. This comes on white vinyl, limited to 200 copies, and a 40 page comic. Description below...

Mitch Clem and Nation of Amanda are back with another action-packed installment of Turnstile Comix!

This time around, we follow indie rock superstars Lemuria on a harrowing international tour.

Watch as they traverse the vast landscape of Russia, dodging roves of violent Nazis, crooked cops, mobster shakedowns, gunshots, a tropical storm, rabid dogs, and a substandard German pizza! It’s an insane true story you have to read to believe.

PLUS, of course, we’ve got a 7” of brand new Lemuria tracks produced by none other than Mark Ryan himself (The Marked Men, Radioactivity, etc). Lemuria’s earnest and off-center indie pop mixed with Mark’s stripped-down garagey production makes for a truly wild and exciting batch of songs.

So here we go, everyone! Get ready to laugh and cry and dance and be sure to drink plenty of water, because your favorite cartoonists and your favorite band are here to make your life seem almost worth living for a precious little while!

Comic Book:
40 pages

EP Track Listing:
Side A. Christine Perfect
Side B: Foggy Smoke
Download-Code Bonus: Courtesy Mercedes

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