Bridge Nine Records

Nathan Gray & The Iron Roses 'Rebel Songs' IOD-32


Gray’s third solo album Rebel Songs brings them closer to their own truth as both a passionate songwriter and the vulnerable and exposed human that they've become. Once hiding behind the aggressive and in-your-face façade as vocalist of hardcore stalwarts BoySetsFire, Gray’s personal reckoning came with their confrontation of their own painful past – they couldn’t just keep pummeling their repressed emotions into submission… they had to slow down, dissect and examine it.

“I think the impetus for the sound and style of Rebel Songs was to get back to my roots on what got me into hardcore in the first place, which was pure and simple punk rock,” they say of the album’s inspiration. “Coming back to that place while redefining myself through my roots was freeing. I grew up listening to The Clash, The Ramones, Fat Boys, RUN DMC, Black Flag and NWA. These artists defined and shaped me. They were there for me during the good times and the horrific times. Taking those inspirations with me into this place of my life and career just make sense.”

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