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Panic 'Strength in Solitude' b9r077

Featuring members of The Trouble, In My Eyes and The Explosion, Panic exploded onto the Boston hardcore scene with two EP's before initially disbanding in 2002. Strength In Solitude was originally released in 2006, compiling their out of print Dying For It and Self-Titled EP's, housed in a green-tinted LP jacket. The original pressing was 300 on green with a black spatter, and 700 copies on green with a black swirl vinyl. At least 200 copies of the swirl variant were found to be defective, so they were destroyed, bringing that variant down to only 500 available copies. A replacement pressing was pressed by the plant, and to differentiate it from the original pressings, it was pressed on a green, yellow and black swirl vinyl. In 2013, the collection was expanded to a full studio discography LP, by adding their Circles EP, originally released by Dutch label Reflections Records in 2006, and was re-issued in a purple-tinted jacket.

Track Listing

  1. Written in Stone
  2. Strength In Solitude
  3. I Watch You Sleep
  4. Lighthouse
  5. Force It 'Til You Hear It Snap
  6. I Walk the Same Way Home Every Night
  7. My Favorite Mistake Was You
  8. Turn Cold
  9. Into the Reasons
  10. Our Choice Is Made
  11. Pale
  12. Fall on Proverb
  13. Rise
  14. Ramparts
  15. Shadow Park
  16. Hello Young Lions
  17. Involvers
  18. Wolves Circle Wolves
  19. Face Myself (demo)
  20. Distance (demo)
  21. I Walk the Same Way Home Every Night (demo)
  22. Think Ahead (live)

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