Bridge Nine Records

Frank Turner 'Beverly' 7" B9R275

Late on the evening of July 10th, 2009, Frank Turner performed a very special backyard acoustic set in a Beverly, Massachusetts backyard. The home belonged to booking agent Matt Pike, who asked Frank if he’d play for some friends when they returned to Beverly. Frank had just opened for The Offspring in Fitchburg, MA, and happily agreed to, soon learning that Matt’s friends included everyone from Bridge Nine, Deathwish, and most of the band Converge, one of Frank’s favorite bands.

Chris Wrenn recorded part of the performance with a hand-held digital video camera, and the tapes sat in a file cabinet for 12 years before being unearthed. Chris had four of the songs mastered and asked Frank if they could be pressed as an unannounced 7-inch that would be included in the “Raid The Archive” mystery box, to assist in Bridge Nine’s unexpected move to and renovation of a new office space and record store.

The cover image is an illustration of the front of Matt’s house, painted by Chris Wrenn’s father, artist Roy Wrenn.

Track Listing:
1. Nashville, Tennessee
2. Dan’s Song
3. Journey of the Magi
4. Ballad For Me and My Friends

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