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Breathe In 'From This Day On' b9r020

Released on the same day as the Panic Dying For It EP, Berkeley CA's Breathe In was a combination of the emotion of American Nightmare, the rawness of Black Flag, and the melody of Kid Dynamite coalescing into one cohesive and volatile hardcore punk record. This album was pressed in a single edition of 1,000 copies, split over white, red & black vinyl. The test pressing (actual quantity unknown at this time but estimated between 8-10 copies) came in a variety of large hole blank white and black jackets from the plant, on which we adhered vinyl Breathe In logo stickers.

Track Listing

  1. Amygdala
  2. Doppler Effect
  3. Inside Out
  4. D-Minus
  5. Figure
  6. Epidemic
  7. 11-10-00 (Long Drive Home)
  8. We All Do Time
  9. Eternity
  10. Yesterday's Dreams
  11. Scarred
  12. Drone II

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