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Blue Monday 'Rewritten' b9r063

The worst thing any hardcore band can do is tread water. For Vancouver hardcore band Blue Monday, one change from their debut album was recording with Dean Baltulonis (Modern Life Is War, Paint It Black, Give up the Ghost). But the deciding factor in making Rewritten a challenging and viable hardcore record was the bands desire for variation. This album had a lot of limited covers, so it's a tougher record to collect. Rewritten was also pressed as a picture disc LP, for their European tour, but at least 50 made it back to the States as a limited cover edition for the 2006 Rivalry Records showcase.

Track Listing

  1. Turning the Tables
  2. A Moving Train
  3. Lost and Found
  4. Next Breath
  5. Bloody Knuckles
  6. Drenched
  7. 100 Inari
  8. Bereaved
  9. Let It Out
  10. On the Outside
  11. It's Your Life
  12. The Everything Festival

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