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Mental 'Get An Oxygen Tank' b9r040

Two hand stamped versions of this 7 inch were made, both with alternate covers. The green "Mental Crew" cover w/ translucent green vinyl was pressed for their record release show. The black vinyl with blue hand-stamped center labels was sold at Posi-Numbers Festival in Wilkes Barre, PA. From the first pressing of 300 translucent purple, 8 copies arrived from the plant as a very distinct opaque blue marble vinyl.

The CD version of this release also included their self-titled, self-released first EP as bonus songs.

In 2013, Bridge Nine re-issued the Get An Oxygen Tank EP on the A-side of a new 12" collection as a 10th anniversary edition, pairing it with a 9 song B-side live set recorded in 2004 for local college radio station WERS.

Track Listing

  1. History 101
  2. Break a Sweat
  3. Growing Pains
  4. Get an Oxygen Tank
  5. Chiller Than Most (Still Mental)
  6. Respect
  7. Sucker Punched (Live on WERS)
  8. III (Intro) (Live on WERS)
  9. History 101 (Live on WERS)
  10. Mental (Live on WERS)
  11. Sike (Live on WERS)
  12. Break a Sweat (Live on WERS)
  13. Get an Oxygen Tank _ Chiller Than Most (Live on WERS)
  14. Respect (Live on WERS)
  15. And You Know This (Live on WERS)

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