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Think I Care 'World Asylum' b9r070

Although existing as a band for over seven years at the time of this release, Think I Care had only started to earn the respect and recognition they'd long deserved. Musically, picture four guys who grew up on early 80's Boston hardcore, give them copies of Celtic Frost's Morbid Tales and Sheer Terror's Just Can't Hate Enough and witness the mongrel it spawns. Lyrically, singer Jason Clegg's bitter and spiteful words reflected growing up and outcast in the industrial town of Winchendon, Mass, hit hard by factory closings and economic recession in recent years. Winchendon also has a rich tradition of producing some of the ugliest sounding hardcore to ever come out of the state, and Think I Care is no exception. Never dramatic, these motherfuckers played the best kind of hardcore; abrasive, reactionary and totally genuine. The two most notable variants of this LP are the hand screen-printed / stencil spray-painted alternate tour covers (with a "nuclear" patterned gray/orange vinyl, and the "1999-2006" cover released at the first This is Hardcore Fest, limited to 50 copies.

Track Listing

  1. World Asylum
  2. Chains
  3. Nothing Means Nothing
  4. Life Sentence
  5. Nature of the Beast
  6. Realities Nightmare
  7. Nowhere Man
  8. Heads Will Roll
  9. Matter of Time
  10. Survival Machine

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