Bridge Nine Records

Underdog 'Matchless' b9r133

Underdog's discography: the 1985 + 1988 demo sessions as well as their 1989 debut album The Vanishing Point, all together in one release.

Track Listing

  1. True Blue
  2. Special Forces
  3. Not Like You
  4. Frontside Grind
  5. Say It (To My Face!)
  6. Never Too Late
  7. Looking Out for You
  8. Friends Like Them
  9. Over the Edge
  10. A Lot to Learn
  11. Underdog
  12. Mass Movement
  13. Reach Out
  14. Without Fear
  15. The Vanishing Point
  16. From Now On
  17. A Lot to Learn
  18. Over the Edge
  19. Mass Movement
  20. Never Too Late
  21. Back to Back
  22. Underdog
  23. Without Fear
  24. Blindside
  25. The Vanishing Point
  26. No Matter What

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